Fractional resources are an extension of your existing team delivering value and domain expertise

Legal Operations Cogs

37% decrease in external counsel spend 

20% faster turnaround time of legal documents

33% more legal matters can be managed during growth

The future of legal will be defined by advancements in technology and use of alternative legal service providers

Fractional resources have played a significant role in some corporate divisions of growth companies – corporate legal departments have relied on internal and external resources and is ripe for change

Achieve Cost Savings

Optimize the use of outside counsel and negotiating favorable rates, and streamlining processes.

Increased Efficiency

Professionalize your organization with technology and workflows

Improved Visibility

Transparency into legal spending, matter management, and risk mitigationrhoncus magna suspendisse.

Enhanced risk management

Manage legal risks, including compliance, contract management, and data privacy issues.

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